Saturday, March 14, 2009

Left Brain Tools and Right Brain Issues

You can't expect left brain tools to impact right brain issues

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 Not only that, even if the right brain was 'doing something', the left brain would not recognize that anything of value was going on.

The right brain's most valuable tool is the tool of "Observation"
Observation is unconditional, it contains ZERO judgement.

Observation operates from the frame of Being, not doing.

When you BE something, you don't have to DO anything. it's like Grace, you don't have to earn grace.

Being valuable is not something you missed out on- it's something you create, on tap, on demand, however much a situation requires that you possess self worth, that's how much self worth you generate.

When your right brain is performing the task of Observation, powerful forces are put into play...

Your left brain incorrectly assumes that nothing valuable is going on, your left brains unit of measure, it's meters to record success or failure are incapable of registering observation.

Your left brain wants to fix something, from it's perspective Observation is the equivalent to stopping the car on the freeway, it will say, "why are we stopped?" "There is no traffic?"

Observation is healing on the level of Being the left brain operates on the level of doing

more coming... Just had to post this while it was on my mind (before I forgot)