Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dominant Subconscious Belief

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"Or you want X and your insides want Y"

In "The Parent's Handbook: Systematic Training for Effective Parenting. 3rd Edition"
Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP) provides a practical approach to parent-child relations. The handbook is organized into nine sessions that are meant to be taken for a week at a time.

Chapter 1 asserts that all behavior occurs for a social purpose.

Four goals of misbehavior, and four basic ingredients for building positive relationships are discussed

I'm asserting that when we screw up... part of us is screwing up on purpose.
And that part... is NOT the voice we hear in the back of our minds ear...

I'm further asserting that the voice we hear inside when we talk to ourselves, that's who we think we are... and that assumption is incorrect.

That is your ego

and you're a lot more than an ego.

"if you don't have what you want -- here's the reason -
your subconscious holds
some contradictory intentions for you.
To put it simply, YOU want something and IT doesn't."

Dr. Robert Anthony from his ground breaking audio series:

"Know how to be Rich"

There is a term for this called "psychological reversal",
which describes the difference in what we consciously want
and what we actually do or allow ourselves to experience.

It also explains why we fall short in countless other
pursuits even though we know we have the ability to achieve
them. Unless you understand psychological reversal your
seeming inability to make progress in areas that are
obviously important to you can be mistakenly blamed on such
things as "lack of will power", "poor motivation", "spacing
out" or other forms of supposed character defects.

It is vital to understand the role of psychological
reversal in psychology, medicine, addictions, weight loss,
and countless fields of endeavor including sports and
business performance. For example, the person who
consciously believes that they want to lose weight will
often have an unconscious belief that, "If I lose weight I
will only gain it back again’.

Most people are only psychological reversed in specific
areas. They may do very well in most areas in their life,
but overcoming problems in one specific area seems to be
out of their reach. If they are psychological reversed,
they will sabotage their own efforts no matter how hard
they try.

With some people psychological reversal shows up in almost
every area of their lives. It is easy to spot these people
because nothing ever seems to go right for them.

They usually complain a lot and consider themselves a
Psychological reversal is also a chronic
companion of those who suffer from depression.

Most people know, at least intuitively, that negative
thinking blocks their progress. However what they do not
know is that their negative thinking also creates an
"energy block" in their body's electromagnetic system.

It is important to understand that psychological reversal is not a character defect.

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